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AOB venue settings for this venue requires your ABE Userid, which is different than the sign-in for your seller account.

How to locate your ABE Userid:

  • Sign in and click My Account.
  • In the center of the page you will see a Members Menu.
  • Click Account Details.
  • The page that opens will display Your Userid highlighted by a tan background.



I received an automated email from ABE about the purge they received from AOB

"This is an automated message in regards to the file named unknown sent to your ABE account on <current date goes here> which did not process your book purge request. Had the book purge processed, this would have reduced your book inventory by more than 25% of the current online inventory."

This is okay. The way we have to send purges to ABE is different than the regular updates. They are through a file instead of an XML interface. These file transfers are known to be very slow, so, we've set up the purges going to ABE to go in 2 chunks. The first is in a file to trigger the purge. The rest of the items go through the XML interface to help insure as many of your items get processed as quickly as possible. We've seen purges take 2 months to process in the past. Just reply to the email and you will be all set.

Need to request extra postage/reduce postage on an ABE order?

Initiate and complete the request on the ABE site directly, including confirming the order as shipped.
If you are using the AOB ship page to process orders and need to remove one of these orders from your list; while you are shipping, select the Process Manually on AbeBooks option for this order and Save the page.
This action will mark the order as 'Processed' within AOB and the order will be included in your Sales Statistics.
  • Curious about the pitfalls of requesting and receiving additional postage for large/heavy item(s)?
    • The following is copied and pasted from ABE's Help:
Important Note: All booksellers must process requests for Extra Charges via their AbeBooks accounts, even those using our AMP or API bulk order processing services, (e.g. those using services such as FillZ or Monsoon). After the buyer has accepted or rejected the request, the order must also then be processed via the bookseller's AbeBooks account. Any attempt to do so by any other method will result in the cancellation of the order.

What does the Pre-Confirm button on my ship page do?

  • Since ABE needs to know that you actually have the book available before they attempt to charge the buyer's credit card, selecting the Pre-Confirm button and saving the page sends ABE the notification of intent to ship.
    • Within a few minutes of the update, the order will update to display a message of Processed if the charge was accepted, or Rejected if the charge was declined.
    • If the Credit Card was processed successfully you can update the order later with Tracking and move it your Processed AOB orders.
    • If the Credit Card was rejected use the Move to History and Relist option in the Actions column of your Ship page.

I received an email stating that my order was canceled for failure to confirm shipping.

While automated services make every digital attempt to be perfect, there will be a time when your confirmations receive an error from the venue.
When this happens it triggers an automated email from our service alerting that we encountered an error when we tried to confirm your order. When you receive this email you will have to manually confirm the order, directly on your venue, to avoid a cancellation by the venue.

I see a bunch of “Unhandled Exception” errors from ABE in the Upload History. What does that mean?

  • This is one of those questions we really don't like answering, because we do not have an exact answer.
    • Here's the best we do know, however ..
An Unhandled Exception is server speak for 'Huh?'. Basically, an error occurred on the receiving server that was not caught and reported in an understandable manner.
The resolution for this particular error is to contact ABE and make them aware of the exact error you're seeing.
When contacting ABE, tell them you're getting Unhandled Exception errors on your XML inventory updates. ::Eventually, you will get hold of someone that will know what you are talking about and be able to correct the issue.

If I mark an ABE order as Previously Sold on AOB, does the customer get an email?

Another ABE seller received the following from ABE support and shared for everyone's benefit:
“When you select 'Previously Sold' the buyer receives an automated email that their credit card was declined or cancelled and that the order is not being shipped and the order is no longer in an ordered to be shipped status.”

How do I only get my books to list on ABE since that is all they accept?

  • AOB automatically filters items to ABE using the Media field so that only books get uploaded to this venue.
    • If you want an Audio book uploaded to ABE use Audiobook CD

What does Seller Direct mean on an order?

This means the buyer pays the seller, not ABE. The seller needs to process the payment for this type of order on Abe directly.

How can I list a book on ABE that does not have an ISBN?

Just enter the title, condition, price and quantity on your AOB Single List page and click the create listing button.

How do I get my images on ABE?

Unfortunately, ABE does not accept images from AOB via the API. You will have to upload your images to ABE directly to their site.

The following is a copy/paste from ABE's pages on the topic of images you've uploaded:
"The images that you have uploaded will be associated with the book IDs for the books they have been uploaded to. When that book sells or is removed from your online inventory we store that image for 30 days. When another book with that same ID is added back to the online inventory, it will be associated with the image again."
What this means for you as an AOB User is that you can upload your images directly and not fear that they will be deleted if you find cause for Refreshing or sending a staff initiated purge and replace to this venue.
  • Contact info:
800-315-5335 M-F 8-4 Pacific
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