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Can I have a regular seller account with Amazon?

Sure, but, the regular seller accounts with Amazon do not allow for the file transfers that are required for AOB to function correctly with your Amazon account.

If you intend to have AOB list to AZ, you must have a Pro-Merchant Account.

How do I set up the MWS authorization?

  • In the Settings menu, click Venue Settings
  • In the Amazon area click on to navigate to the “Sign up" page.
    • Click the Sign Up for MWS button
    • Enter your Amazon email address and password then click the sign in button

The next page you will see is the Amazon Marketplace Web Service page where you will do four things.

  1. Select the “I want to use an Application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS” option;
  2. Enter The Art of Books in the Application Name Field.
  3. Enter '6810-0176-0133' in the Application’s Developer Account Number field.
  4. Click the next button on the bottom right of the page

On the next page you will check two boxes…

  1. “I have read and accepted the Amazon MWS License Agreement”
  2. Accept responsibility for The Art of Books. (Both must be checked before you can proceed.)

The next pages gives you the Seller ID needed for AOB's Venue Settings.

  • Enter the Seller ID to the Amazon Seller ID field on your AOB venue settings page.
    • If you choose to copy/paste this information, be aware that if you over-highlight and include the blank space before, or after, your copy/paste will include those blank spaces and it will make the ID entered appear invalid to the verification process.

If entered correctly, updating the page will produce the following Status message on the right side of the updated page...

Processing Results

Amazon return verified
Seller Id for verified.

You are now ready to select the Market Data which will complete your Merchant setup.

Why am I getting a bunch of order fulfillment reports email?

These are generated every time the AOB system asks Amazon for your orders.

  • You can turn these notifications off by going to your seller account.
  • Look under the heading Account Settings for Turn off/on your e-mail notifications.
  • Click that link. You will be prompted for your password.
  • You will see a list of the different notifications you can turn on and off.

Why do I have a lot of orders on my ship list that were shipped two weeks ago?

This is not uncommon for new AOB accounts that have Activated Amazon in the Venue Settings. Setting a venue to Active puts your account into the processing cycles for upload activity and order retrieval (aka:order pull cycle). When we make the first call to Amazon for your orders, that report will contain a 15 day block of order data.

To remove these orders from your ship page:

  • Use the Move to History option in the Action column for each order you wish to remove from the ship page and save the page.

Why did my shipping preference settings not transfer into my AOB inventory after uploading my Amazon file?

  • Amazon's Open Listing Report does not yet include the necessary information to set these options via the upload to AOB. *You will need to add the necessary column (headers and values) to your file before uploading to AOB.

For those that are listing new inventory using the Single List page; in the Settings for your Single List Page, we've included a “Shipping Speed/Type Default” to apply the shipping options of your choice, to your inventory, as it gets listed.

My Amzon orders are not confirming shipping even though I’ve sent the info. What should I do?

Sometimes Amazon’s servers can be a bit slower than usual in processing the shipment confirmations we send them. Frequently, all you have to do is wait a bit for Amazon to process them. You can check the status of your uploads from AOB on this page: If the Amazon Confirmations Upload is showing a status of C (this stands for confirmed) it means that we successfully sent the ship info to Amazon. Once you determine that the confirmations were successfully sent it is probably time to contact Amazon and seek their assistance. They will likely ask you for a sample order number and the time the ship confirmation for it was sent .. so it would help if you have the Upload Confirmations page open so you can give them any requested info. If you don’t see a status of C on the Amazon Confirmations Upload page please let us know so that we can have one of our techs look into it for you.

How do I get the Amazon Collectible Categories to show up on my AOB Single List Page?

  • Obtain authorization to sell collectibles on Amazon.
  • On the AOB Settings menu, navigate to Single List Page Settings.
  • Enable the ‘Use collectibles’ option by checking the box and saving the page.

How do I find out what the Amazon condition guidelines are?

They are detailed here:

How do I avoid double sales on other selling sites when I have orders pending at Amazon?

AOB pulls the Order Fulfillment Report to gather your orders. This report does not contain pending order data so until the sale completes that data is not available.

If you are concerned that an item can double sell on another site:

  1. Locate that item in AOB
  2. Click the sku to open the listing page
  3. Scroll to the do not list section
  4. Check the box next to each venue this item is listed on other than Amazon to trigger deletes to your other venues.
    1. If you do not see the do not list section on your listing page, you can enable that section in your SLP Settings
    2. If the order does not complete, you can edit the do not list settings on the item to get it relisted.

Can I get Amazon to charge sales taxes for sales in my state?

Yes, you can. Just go to your Amazon account and under the Settings tab you will find Tax Settings. Click on the Tax Settings and follow the prompts.

How do I list a book without an ISBN on Amazon?

Why are my items not showing as Active Listings?

Uploading a file of your inventory does not guarantee the item/s will successfully list as an Active Listing on any venue. Any upload is subject to the receiving venue's requirements for a listing. Most venues require that you login to their own site to check your seller admin area for any Processing Reports they make available to their sellers. However, we can access these Processing Reports from Amazon and make them available to you in the Upload History.

How do I check the status of my uploads on Amazon directly and see my Amazon Error Report?

  1. Log into your Amazon seller account
  2. Click on the “Upload multiple items” under the ” Manage Your Inventory” link.
  3. Scroll down to the “3. Review File Status and History” area.
  4. Look in the fourth column, Actions.
  5. Click on 'View Processing Report' one of the links at the far right to see the reason for the error.
  6. This will bring up a dialog so you can save the file to your computer.
  7. It will save to your computer as a tab delimited text (.txt) file but you can open it in a spreadsheet.
  8. In the Processing Report you will see the SKU and the error message (including error code). Once you have the error code you can find what they mean at

How do I find out what the Amazon error messages mean?

Check out this Amazon page (be sure to check out all of the links):

I am receiving warnings from Amazon that my items are listed with incorrect ASIN. What do I do?

  • These warnings pertain to ASIN changes that Amazon does in their data base to account for updates from Publishers.
  • Since Amazon will track SKU/ASIN and Condition associations, to correct them, the item/s will need to be deleted in AOB by changing the quantity to zero.
    • You can then re-enter the item with a corrected ISBN/ASIN/UPC and a new (or modified version of the previous) SKU.
  • We offer a report that you can run from your Venue Settings page that will compare your inventory as AOB has it against what Amazon reports.
    • Just locate the Amazon Settings section and the MWS paragraph. At the end of the MWS paragraph you will see a 'Run Inventory Comparison' option. Check the box next to the option and save the page. When the page reloads you will see [Inventory comparison running] in place of the option to run the comparison.

What this will do for you is:

  1. Ping Amazon and compare your listings in AOB against what is listed on Amazon. This is limited to SKU and ISBN/ASIN/UPC for the comparison; quantity is not considered.
  2. Send a report to the email address you have listed in your AOB Personal Settings. The subject of the email will be [AOB] Amazon Inventory Comparison Report.
  • The body of this email is broken into two main parts.
In the topmost portion of the body you will find a list similar to the following:
<Your SKU here> had a mismatched ASIN, updating AOB's record (B000HNR99A) to Amz's record: 0870683551
<Your SKU here> is not on Amazon
<Your SKU here> is not on Amazon
<Your SKU here> is not on Amazon
The second portion of the email body will be a summary similar to the following example:
5113 are matched
1 had missing ASINs but that were filled in
2 had mismatched ASINs that were updated
16 are not listed on Amazon

AOB will automatically update the data base with the correct ASIN as stored in Amazon to allow for better updating when these ASIN get merged.

What are Amazon's Inventory Reports?

Amazon offers many types of inventory reports for you to use to upload your inventory to AoB. This Amazon help page outlines each report and what it contains:

Does AOB help me recognize Restricted DVD's?

Yes, if you enter an ISBN/UPC/ASIN to your listing page and populate the product data, if the item is on Amazon's restricted list you will see text in the right hand Market data column letting you know. The text will be a red font and clearly state the item's restricted status.

Restricted items are filtered out of the uploads to Amazon so our users can avoid getting into trouble for attempting to list items for which they are not approved. If you have been approved by Amazon to sell restricted items please create a Support Ticket in your AOB account asking that we turn off the filtering for your account. If your AOB account is opted out of our filtering you will continue to see when an item is restricted, however your item will still upload to Amazon unless you restrict it otherwise.

Can I offer Free Shipping on Amazon?

Yes! If you have the option in your Amazon account simply create a Support Ticket in your AOB account asking that we turn on free shipping options in AOB. Once enabled you'll see a Free Shipping option on your listing page. Simply check the box and update the item using the Update Listing button.

You can also set free shipping using a file that you upload to your AOB account. Use the header: free_shipping and value of 'y' for yes, or 'n' for no for each sku in the file.

Please note that due to restrictions on edits to this type of listing you may notice as much as a 4 hour latency on edits that you've made before they are made live by Amazon.

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