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Download your sales using a variety of parameters:

  • Select the number of Days: from the drop down menu if you only want a few days, or weeks, orders.
  • The Month: can be selected from the second drop down menu if you are looking for the orders in any specific month. The Months you can select from will be year-based going back to your first month with AOB.
  • Between specific Dates: Enter the date format as 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS' and you must have a beginning and end date
  • Orders from a specific Ship List: your Ship pages create the list that you'll find in the drop down menu, such as New, On Hold etc ..

The lower half of the page allows you to refine the Sales Download where you can enter a pattern matching term for either the SKU, Location, or Source fields.

Or, you can select to limit the file to only sales from a specific venue by selecting the venue from the drop down menu.

Once you've made your selections and are ready to click the Get File button you will see two remaining options...

  • Format as an AZ OFR: will format the file to match an Amazon Order Fulfillment Report.
Note that the OFR format limits the data that is given in your report. The formatting is described below.
  • Email me this file: will send an email to the address entered in Personal Settings containing a link to download your file.
    • If you have an FTP account with AOB this will also make the file available in the downloads folder.
    • Leaving this unchecked will open the report in a new tab, or window.

AOB Formatted Sales Download

Az OFR Formatted Sales Download

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