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If you do not have inventory listed anywhere, take advantage of our powerful listing page.

Is your inventory listed to a venue and you have a file to upload to your AOB account? We can accept Amazon's inventory files, Homebase formatted files from Alibris and ABE as well as a Snapshot without altering the file.

If downloading your inventory from one of your venues simply save it to your computer. If you don't have SKU on all items you'll need to turn on the Auto-SKU prior to uploading. Acceptable SKU formats will contain only letters, numbers and/or dashes and are limited to 24 characters.

To upload inventory files to your AOB account:

1. Click Inventory in the navigation bar at the top of your AOB pages.

2. Click Upload an Inventory File

3. Select the format of the file you are uploading from the drop down box next to File Format.

If you are uploading an Excel formatted file use the Tab Delimited option.

4. Click the Browse button to locate and select the file on your computer.

5. Click Upload Above File.

If you do not have existing inventory on AOB skip this paragraph and move on to the next step. If you have inventory already on AOB and want to send the file as a Purge and Replace you can check the box at the bottom of the page before hitting the Upload button.

6. Don't leave this page until it completely reloads and you get a message back that says:

Your file was received and will be queued for processing.
It will be passed off to the First Violin and she will give it to Maestro when she's finished checking it over.
You will receive an email with the results when she is finished.
You can expect the checks to take approximately 8-10 minutes per 1,000 items

When your file uploads you can track its progress in the Recent Uploads table on the Inventory Statistics page.

FTP Accounts are available upon request if you have need to upload your inventory files in that manner. Just submit a support ticket asking for an FTP account.

Want to create your own files for uploading to AOB? Use our list of Approved Headers to create files without worry about whether, or not, the data is recognized by our system.

Click here to move on to the next step in setting up your AOB account.

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