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Half.com is a subsidiary of eBay. The two venues share a login and the requirements for integration with AOB. However, you must have a sellers agreement in place with Half.com, which is separate from the sellers agreement with eBay.com, if you want to successfully list items for sale on Half. The requirements for Half's integration to AOB are as follows...

  • Tokens are used instead of storing your usernames and passwords
  • Orders are pushed to us by Half. We do not go retrieve them.
  • Listings are sent as individual uploads in batches of 500, twice an hour (give, or take, depending on volume), instead of everything in one file of 10K on a cycle.
  • The Item ID that is assigned to your item by Half is sent back to AOB and retained with your SKU.



This venue requires a 'Token' in lieu of your username and password for security reasons.

Just below the 'Active/Inactive' buttons under eBay is a link for “Fetch new eBay token”.
Click this link and you will be directed to the eBay login system.
After you successfully login and select Accept, you will be redirected back to AOB.
You will now notice two lines above the Active/Inactive radio buttons giving an indication as to whether, or not, a Token is Present and the Expiration Date of your Token.

Listing Items

This venue requires that each item be uploaded individually in its own file (aka: single item files). This is because:

  1. They assign an Item ID for each item, which is retained with your sku in AOB's database.
  2. If an item is refused by Half there will be an Error reported back to you via the Upload History in your AOB account.

We will send your new listings to Half in batches of 500 listings in intervals of roughly 20 minutes.


To set up your AOB account for Half.com's File Exchange:

It is not required that you set up File Exchange for AOB to list your inventory to Half.com. It is an option that sellers with 100,000 or more items in inventory can consider. If you have contacted half.com about File Exchange and you wish to have it set up for AOB:

  1. Enter a Support Ticket asking to have File Exchange turned on for your account.
  2. In that ticket share your Half.com Username, Password and Email address.

To get an Inventory Snapshot from Half:

  1. Log into your Half.com seller account.
  2. Locate the heading of Selling.
  3. Inventory Snapshot is the third link down, click it.
  4. Enter your email address if it is not already there and click the submit button
  5. Once your Inventory Snapshot is ready you will receive an email from Half.com with a link to where you can find your download.
  6. Enter that URL into your internet browser.
  7. After you go back to Half save your download to your computer in a place you can find it again.

Please note: if you are getting a Half.com snapshot for us to run a resync you should attach the snapshot, unopened, to an AOB Support Ticket. If you open the snapshot we cannot use it and you will have to request a new one and you can only get one snapshot every 24 hours.

I have double listings on my Half.com account.

Double listings typically occur when either your Half.com account was not empty when you activated the venue on AOB or you sent a purge and replace to AOB and your Half account was not empty. If you have double listings get an inventory snapshot, open a ticket and attach the snapshot to the ticket stating you have double listings and we will do our best to clear out the doubles.

Why are all my items not getting listed on Half.com that are listed on Amazon?

Half doesn't have the same size database as Amazon and unlike Amazon you can't create new listing pages. Not all of your items, even if they have valid ISBNs or UPCs will be able to be listed.

The items I just listed are not showing in my inventory.

This is from Half.com's help pages. “From time to time, the system does experience some delays in the item appearing on the site. This is due to the high volume of items that are being listed. Items will normally take 2 hours to appear in your inventory.” http://pages.half.ebay.com/help/seller/list.html#toc-11

I need my prices on Half to update.

Due to the limited number of threads eBay/Half allows, automatic refreshes when auto-repricing using soloist are not sent. If you have run Soloist on Auto, you will want to go to your Venue Settings and send a refresh to half.com to get the new prices applied to your current listings.

Does AOB send my shipping info, including tracking number, to half?

Yes we do. If you want the tracking number to be sent to half you can provide that information two ways. The first way is to manually put the tracking number in the tracking field on your ship page. Next click the ship with or without email button and save changes. The second way is to use our bulk ship feature .. when you do so all of the shipping information is automatically sent to half when you upload your XML file.

I sell on half.com and want to sell on eBay. Do I have to have a seller's account for both venues?

  • If you elect to have AOB list to eBay separately for you please note that it's easiest if both accounts have the exact same login information. This, since they share a token.
    • If you have longstanding accounts with separate login information, contact us about 'splitting' your token.

Contact info: service@half.com (no phone support offered)

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