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  1. What are acceptable SKU characters? You can use letters, numbers, dashes and underscores in your sku formats.
  2. How do I edit my listings? You may edit everything in your listings. All the venues except Amazon will accept a change in the condition of your books. To edit your price, notes, quantity, or if you want expedited or international shipping find that particular listing under the search on the Inventory page. Click on the SKU you wish to change and edit. When you are finished click the “Update Listing” button.
  3. How long does it take to make changes to my venues? Changes are made very quickly on The Art of Books. Updates are sent every 2-4 minutes. Please make sure inventory is correct before activating your venue(s).
  4. I have different books listed on Amazon than I do on Alibris. How do I get everything transferred to AOB? You can do multiple uploads. Any listings that are the same SKU will favor the last upload. For example, if you had a book listed on Alibris for $15.86, uploaded that file then had the same book listed on Amazon for $12.94, uploading that file after Alibris, the book's price will be $12.94.
  5. What is the “Core Price”? The Core Price is a price that all your venue prices are calculated from. For example - You want to sell a particular book for $10, but you want book listed on Alibris 5% higher than Amazon. AOB uses the $10 core price to figure $10.50 for the price sent to Alibris. The Venue 'Hard Prices' override all calculated prices. The Hard Prices are the venue prices at the bottom of the single listing page.
  6. Will source and cost be visible to customers? No, the source and cost are things that only appear to you for your records and tracking.
  7. What are the Venue Prices fields on the Single Item Listings Page? These fields allow you to make a different price for different venues that override any core price set. For example - You could have a book listed for $45 on Amazon, $62 on ABE and $29 on Alibris. When re-pricing, these prices will not be changed unless you manually change them. These fields override any of the out-bound price calculations.
  8. Can I list a book that has no ISBN? Yes, just leave the ISBN field blank and enter all pertinent data manually, including a Description Synopsis, as that will be used by Amazon for the product description. When you hit the Create Listing button on AOB's listing page, the subsequent upload to Amazon will create an ASIN listing. The ASIN will not populate back to your listing in AOB, so if you wish the listing to contain the ASIN it created you will need to enter it manually. You should always check Amazon to ensure there is not already an ASIN listing for the item in question and use that ASIN before trying this method.
  9. What kind of numbers can I put in the ISBN field? You can use ISBN, ASIN, UPC, EAN, or raw CueCat scan data.
  10. Where do you get the sales rank? The sales ranks come from It's like a top 10 list. One would be the best selling item and 3,000,000 being at the bottom of the best selling.
  11. I have inventory at and want to download it to your site. Is this possible? Yes, you can use an Open Listings Report to upload your inventory to AOB as long as it has SKUs. If you don't have SKUs, let us know and we can help with this.
  12. When should the books in my account start showing after a purge and replace is done? According to Alibris, your upload will be processed within 12-24 hours after the upload. For ABE accounts, your upload can take up to 48 hours. To insure ABE has a good record of your inventory any items that have been added or deleted/sold during that 48 hour period are resent to ABE. Meaning, an update of everything that happened in the last 48 hours are resubmitted to ensure all information is as correct as possible.
  13. I was able to upload my inventory to your site. When I click Show Full Inventory List the inventory is there. Does it also upload to the Amazon site at the same time? You have to activate the venues to start the upload(s) to your venues. Until a venue is “active” on your settings page, nothing happens.
  14. How do I get a copy of my inventory from AOB to my computer? On the Inventory page there is a link to Download Your Inventory. You can download it based on various criteria you see on that page. When you generate the file, it will show up on the list to the right. Right click on the file you wish to save and use the save as tool or you can click the file link and use the save as at the top of your browser under file.
  15. Is a SKU required on the download file from Amazon before I can upload it to your site? Yes, If you do not have unique SKUs for different items you can do it several ways. Perhaps the simplest is to email the file to … and we can run it through our handy SKU adder script. You'll get SKUS in the form of MMDDYYNNN where MM=month, DD=day, YY=year, and NNN=3digit sequence number using the listing date. That's the SKUing system we use for our own in-house inventory. If you'd like to start adopting your own SKUing system, just load your file into a spreadsheet and add the SKUs to the 'seller-sku' column. Be careful to import the file into your spreadsheet with all the columns (especially the ISBN - 'product-id') marked as text. If you don't you could lose the leading 0s or end up with an ISBN in scientific notation like 3.142e0. When listing on AOB a SKU will be required to each item.
  16. I like to use my Cuecat to enter ISBN/UPC codes. Can I use that with AOB? Yes, put the cursor in the ISBN box, scan your item and then click the populate from Amazon button.
  17. Alibris will not allow any shipping information to be in the description. How do you handle this? AOB has a filter set up that will strip away the words ship and shipping. You can add lines in your descriptions such as “We ship Daily” to all listings on a particular venue by going to the settings page and adding the line you want to the Venue Description Add-ons.
  18. How do I edit a listing? Find the listing in your inventory using the search function. When you find the one you want click on the sku and it will take you to the listing page for that item.
  19. How do I send a refresh to my venues? There are two locations where you can send a Refresh. You can go to Settings > Venue Settings and click on 'Refresh Venues'. A new window will open where you will chose which of your active venues you want to refresh. Be sure to save changes. You can also click the Tools Menu tab and locate Refresh options in the top left section of the page.
  20. Why are my Refresh options greyed out and unusable? When your upload queue has 10K items awaiting upload to your venues your Refresh options will be unavailable until your upload queue has emptied out. This is to avoid getting throttled by some venues that monitor upload activity.
  21. How do I get Images to AoB for venues which accept them? First you need to get an account and get them hosted with a third party image hosting venue such as Fliker or Photobucket. Then get the image URL from the third party and enter it in AoB. You can either put the URL in the Image field of the SLP for the item or you can load a file with 'sku' and 'image' and get a bunch of images loaded to AoB in on file upload. once they're loaded to AoB they will go to the venues which accept them from AoB.
  22. Do all venues accept my images? No they don't. Below is is a list of those that do and those that do not.

• .. yes, for all collectible items. If AZ does not have the item in their catalog yes they do, regardless of condition. They also now allow a picture directly in the individual listing of any 'used' item (they do not accept pictures for new items). .. otherwise no.
• ABE .. no
• Alibris .. no
• .. yes
• eBay .. yes
• Barnes & Noble .. yes
• eCampus .. yes
• TextbooksRus .. yes
• .. yes
• Chrislands .. yes
• TextbookX .. no

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