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The “do not list flags” tell us where your items are not to be listed. They can be uploaded and edited just like any other field by putting them in an file (tab-delimited) under the field name 'list_flags' along with the sku field to edit them.

The list_flags is a 'bitmask' field. For the layman, you can construct the appropriate value for this field by adding together the following values for the venues you DON'T want an item listed on:

Value Venue
2048 A1Outlet
4 Alibris
2097152 Barnes & Noble (direct)
32 Biblio
16384 Choosebooks
536870912 Custom Venue 0
65536 Custom Venue 1
131072 Custom Venue 2
262144 Custom Venue 3
524288 Custom Venue 4
1048576 Custom Venue 5
33554432 Custom Venue 6
67108864 Custom Venue 7
134217728 Custom Venue 8
268435456 Custom Venue 9
8 eBay
8388608 eCampus
4194304 TextbookX
16777216 TextbooksRu
128 Valore

For example, if you wanted SKU 111 to not list on ABE and eBay, your upload file would look like this:

sku list_flags
111 10
  • Clearing List Flags

If you want to clear a list flag you need to create a column with the header clear_list_flags and enter the correct number for the venue you wish to remove the flag for. For example, if SKU 111 to now be listed on eBay, your upload file would look like this

sku clear_list_flags
111 8

Want to set a do not list flag for one venue but clear it for another? Let's pretend I have sku 1234 currently set to not list on ABE and eBay. I want to list the item to ABE now but I want to not list it on Alibris. Here's what it would look like:

sku list_flags clear_list_flags
1234 12 2
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