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We have created The Art of Books in what we feel is a functional layout. Across the top of each page, you will find Menu tabs to assist you with site navigation. Each Menu contains a set of options aligned to that specific topic as described below:

Ship Have orders to fill? Want a list of items to pull, or need your packing slips printed? Click this menu tab to accomplish these tasks.

Inventory Wanting to add, or change your inventory in some way? Maybe, you're searching for a specific item. Click on the Inventory menu tab for a variety of Inventory related actions.

History deals with past orders, sales statistics and uploads to your venues.

Settings handles all of your various AOB account and Venue account settings.

Tools describes and makes available other tools that come with The Art of Books.

Forum is our main communication channel, from and between our customers. Its purpose is a peer-to-peer support system. To register for the forum you will have to submit a support ticket with the following information: Forum User ID, Forum Display Name (for security reasons it cannot be the same as your Forum User ID), email address, and your Forum password.

The following links will walk you through getting your AOB account setup managed:

Setting up your AOB account

Getting your inventory to AOB

Setting up your venue(s)

How to set up your shipping

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