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Your Personal Settings are broken into two main sections. The first displays your AOB Username (which is hardcoded and not an editable field.), your Password (hidden by space-holders for your protection),

Fields are also available for your Contact Name, Business name, phone, email, etc... It is not required that you populate these fields. However, they are used to populate information to your confirmation emails and packing slips so it is helpful to have information entered here.

Multi-User Access can also be set up on this page. Check the Multi-User Access box and save the page to turn on a multi-user admin link.

If you are not careful with setting up this feature you will lock yourself out of your account.
We can unlock it for you but that will require a request in our live chat during posted staff hours or a support ticket. Refer to our help page on the Multi-User Access or contact us if you have any questions about it and how it works.
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