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  • With this tool you can resend your inventory to any individual Active venue, separate from AOB automated processes.
  • You will find Refresh Venues options in two locations of your AOB account:
    • Tools menu where you will see them in the top left panel.
    • Venue Settings where you will see a Refresh Venues click-able link above the Amazon section of Settings.
  • When your upload queue has 10K items awaiting upload to any individual Active venue that venue's Refresh options will be unavailable (grayed out and unusable) until your upload queue has emptied out. This is to avoid getting you throttled by venues that monitor upload activity per seller (amazon for example).
  • Reasons you would want to Refresh:
    • Coming back from Vacation or other period of inactivity
    • You have changed an Inventory Setting, or edited your eBay Configuration page and want the edits to update to your listings on the venue.
    • You have repriced your inventory and want the new prices to populate to eBay and/or Half.
  • Reasons you may not need a Refresh:
    • You uploaded a file of inventory edits. The processing of the file will queue your edits for upload with no further action needed.
    • You've had an outdated venue login. When we can not login to a venue that is Active the uploads stay in queue until the login is corrected.
      • Once your queue clears and the uploads have been processed by the receiving venue, if you still feel your listings are not correct it would then be reasonable to send a Refresh.

  • Worthy of Notice:

Any editing completed directly on a venue WILL be overwritten with the records in AOB. If you need to edit listings do it in your AOB account and let us populate your work out to your venues.

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