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  • The Sales Statics page provides a variety of information in various forms to allow you a quick glimpse of your sales for any given month.
  • As indicated in the image below, the top of the page is broken down into two sections. The Sales Graph on the left includes a drop-down menu which allows you to select which month to review from the months you have in history with AOB.
    • To the right of the graph is a Monthly Summary displaying your sales and venue averages.


  • Below the Sales Graph is your Monthly Sales Calendar displaying a daily breakdown of your sales according to the Venue, the Earnings totals, and Cost if you have included it in your listing data.



  • How do you calculate my Earnings?

Item Price + Shipping Credit - Commissions - Processing - Actual Shipping = Earnings

  • What is this Red entry on my sales calendar?

If you have entered an item cost when listing that cost will show on your calendar in red.

  • One of the days on my calendar shows a huge negative number. Why?

Chances are you have miss-keyed an entry for the Delivery Confirmation number and entered it to the Actual Shipping field on your ship page. It is easy to fix. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the order in your history.
  2. Click the Order ID to open the order details and copy the Delivery Confirmation number you have entered to the wrong field. Close that page to go back to the order history page.
  3. Use the drop-down menu in the Status column of that order and select Make New to put the order back on your ship page.
  4. If this is an Amazon order, also go to Venue Settings and deselect the option to Enable Charge When Ship and save the page.
  5. Go to the ship tab and click on Ship Your Books.
  6. Locate the order that is being corrected.
  7. Enter the Delivery Confirmation number you copied previously into the Tracking field and edit the Actual Shipping field to reflect the correct value.
  8. Select the Ship no email in the action column for the order being corrected.
  9. Click Save at the top, or bottom, of the page.
  10. If this was an Amazon order return to the Venue Settings page and select to Enable Charge When Ship again and save that page.
  • Why do I have to deselect Enable Charge When Ship in venue settings when trying to correct an Amazon order I've previously confirmed?

Moving an order to correct flawed data will resend a confirmation to Amazon which would update previous confirmations received. The updated confirmation will trigger Amazon's bots and give you poor marks for shipping. You can toggle Amazon's confirmations on/off with the option in venue settings to avoid resending confirmations as the need arises.

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