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Before you begin listing your inventory there are a variety of Settings that require your attention.

  1. Tell us who you are with your Personal Account Settings.
  2. If you are NOT an Amazon Seller you can skip step 3 and please see our Life Without Amazon page to better understand what AOB can do for you.
  3. If you are an Amazon Seller authorize AOB as the Application that will be accessing the Amazon Marketplace for your Seller ID in the Amazon section of your Venue Settings page.
    1. Do not set this venue to Active until you have read through the rest of this guide and feel completely ready to move forward.
  4. Your Market Data Settings page has a variety of options that will dictate the Marketplace data populated when you enter an ISBN/ASIN/UPC into your inventory.

There are more Settings you will work with regularly that you will find outlined in the remaining Help pages. These few, however, will get you started. The rest of the New User Guide will outline everything else and point you to any specifics that you will need to know.

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