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This page discusses a great tool that will assist you in locating files that have been uploaded to your venues.

  • In the History menu click Show Past Venue Upload History

At the top of the page you are presented with 3 fields to refine your searches as seen here...


  1. Select the numbers of days in history to use in your search effort from the drop down menu.
  2. Select which venue to search
  3. Enter a SKU, ISBN/ASIN/UPC .. Or, if the record you are looking for is an item already listed to eBay, and/or, use the Item ID in the third search field.
  4. Click the Search button.
  5. See the Search Results for the table that will list every upload found that matches your search criteria.


  1. In the first column, labeled ID, click on the number in that column to open that file and view the data uploaded to your venue.
  2. The second column, labeled Venue, tells you to which venue the file was uploaded.
  3. The third column, labeled Status will show you whether, or not, your file was received using Error, or, Processed as the possible values.
If the search you complete is for Amazon, as in our above example, note that the value of Processed is a clickable link.
Click that link and you'll see the report received from Amazon regarding their own internal processing.
This is true for any file that is not a repricing file.
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