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  • If you have an Amazon Seller ID saved in your Amazon Venue Settings you will see a Green Soloist panel at the top of all AOB pages. Within that green box you will see radio buttons for Auto, Test and Manual if you have a created a script for Auto Repricing.
    • Auto: uses a script that you've created to compare and change prices of your items. When items are repriced they will automatically be queued for upload to your venues.
    • Test: uses a script that you've created to compare and suggest new prices but does not actually change the core price of your items.
    • Manual: Moves your inventory to the Reprice Your Books page (RYB) where the suggested price change will be $0.01 less than the lowest reported price per item.
  • Once you select an option and hit the Run button your account is dropped into the repricing queue and the Soloist panel will display a Pending status until your account is picked up for processing.
    • When your account is being worked, Soloist displays a Working status and a countdown of ISBN's as it works through your inventory.
This is a static display so you will not see it changing unless you reload the page, or go to a different page.
When Soloist has completed its run you will again see the panel return with the Radio button options.
  • If you do not select anything in the Soloist panel and click run nothing will happen. You must make a selection for soloist to run.
  • If you do not have a repricing script, Soloist defaults to Manual and you will only see a Run button which will behave as described above for Manual.

  • If you have not created a Repricing Script already and would like to, you will find the Repricing Configuration page by navigating to the Inventory Settings section of your AOB account and locating the Auto-Repricing Script Writer link. If you need assistance understanding the parameters that can be set for your script click the Help button to be taken to Auto-script Writer Help page.
  • If you ran Soloist on Manual it will place your Inventory on the Reprice Your Books page so you can easily reprice based on recent market prices. If you need this page explained, click the Help menu button and you'll be taken to the Reprice Your Books Help page.

  • If for any reason you need to stop Soloist while its running there is a Cancel button. But you can log in and out of your AOB account with no change to Soloist's processing. Soloist will continue to run on your server, for your account, unless you hit the Cancel button, or until it completes its cycle.


What is Soloist? Soloist is a program that fetches the Market Data for your inventory and using pre-set, or user created settings, will suggest new prices for your items.

Do I have to run Soloist to test my Script? No, it is not necessary. You can test your repricing script on an individual item by navigating to Inventory and then selecting Show Full Inventory. In the Actions column on the left you will see the Pricing Test link. The Initial new price at the bottom of the box is what your new price would be if you were to run soloist on auto right then.

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