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Created in May of 2005 by Rodger Castle, the Art of Books (AOB) was originally created for booksellers to manage their online book inventory. Over the years we've seen our users list all kinds of things on AOB – toys, gourmet food items, clothes, car parts – just to name a few. While our main focus remains books and other media you are able to list and manage other types of merchandise here as well. The Art of Books has developed into a complex management system that remains quite simple in theory:

  • You upload your inventory, either by bulk uploads, or by listing your books individually using our powerful single list page.
  • You tell us which venues to list your inventory based on which Venues you have Active settings for on your Venue Settings page.
  • Our system then uploads your inventory to your member selling venues (Amazon.com, ABE, Alibris, etc.) at periodic intervals; about every 20 minutes.

Similarly, your venues are scanned for new orders.

  • If new orders are found, the data relating to them are downloaded and stored.
  • The arrival of a new order to your AOB account updates your current inventory numbers on our servers and on the next upload cycle a delete will be issued to all venues.

The process is quite identical to how you would handle selling on multiple venues, only the process is automatic and happens without your intervention. Ready to get started?

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