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  • Custom Venues are provided for you so you can try to get some of the unsupported venues to work with AOB. Not all venues can integrate with AOB, and if they are not supported like the main selling venues this would be the way to try to link them to your AOB account.


Custom Venue Settings Login

  • You have 10 Custom Venue sections. Use them for any venue that has not been integrated for full support with AOB.
  • In each Custom Venue section you will see the following fields
Field Name Description
Custom Venue Display name Name your venue for display purpose internal to AOB
SFTP Used if your FTP account is a secure FTP
FTP hostname a hostname will be something like ( just 'gemm' or 'booksupply' won't work).
FTP username These fields are case and character sensitive so check for accuracy.
FTP password Copy over or delete the asterisk (*) its only a placeholder.
Format Select the format your venue is expecting from the corresponding drop-down menu
Custom Venue FTP Directory Leave blank unless you KNOW there is a specific directory into which you need your upload files placed

Our system will validate the login then save the information. If it can not validate the information (it'll try to login), then nothing will be saved and you will see notice at the top of the page as to what happened.

  • All contacts with the FTP server will use a Passive interface and have a 10 second timeout.

Inventory Uploads

  • There are 4 file formats that we can make available for your Custom Venue as follows:
AOB Tab-delimited
AOB Tab-delimeted with private fields
Amazon Tab-delimited
  • A purge and replace will be sent on the initial activation of your custom venue setting.
    • The file name you would see in your FTP would be <username>_<time>_purge.txt
    • The '_purge" will be dropped from the file name for normal updates.
  • The AOB tab-delimted file will be tab-delimited, one record per line with the following fields in this order (the # 1 and so forth are not included in the field header):
SKU # 0
Author # 1
Title # 2
Book condition # 3
Book size # 4
Jacket condition # 5
Binding # 6
ISBN # 7
Publisher # 8
Publish Place # 9
Publish Date #10
Edition #11
Signature #12
Notes #13
Quantity #14
Price #15
Image #16
Category 1 #17
Category 2 #18
Category 3 #19
Category 4 #20
Category 5 #21
Keyword 1 #22
Keyword 2 #23
Keyword 3 #24
Keyword 4 #25
Keyword 5 #26
Keyword 6 #27
Keyword 7 #28
Keyword 8 #29
Keyword 9 #30
Weight #31
UPC #32
Description #33
  • The alternate AOB tab-delimited format includes the following extra fields. They're officially 'private' fields and have no set use but are available for custom mapping that you could be setting up on your custom venue.
p0 #34
p1 #35
p2 #36
p3 #37
p4 #38


  • You have the option of having AOB receive orders from your custom site. Look for the Pull Orders option just above the Active/Inactive radio buttons.
    • Have an order file placed in an orders subdirectory in your FTP account named open_orders.txt.
This file should be a tab-delimited file (one order item per line) with the following fields (case-sensitive).
The price, shipping fee, and commission should be per item:
payments-status A note of the status of the payment (Credit card, Paid, etc. the interpretation is up to you) If payment is not complete at time of order posting, include the text 'incomplete' in this field to mark the order to go to the Hold List to avoid shipping a non-paid item
order-id A user-wide unique order ID
order-item-id A user-wide unique order item ID (you may have multiple order items per order
payments-date The payment date
payments-transaction-id Transaction ID for this order (future use)
item-name Item title or name
listing-id Unused
sku The seller's SKU
price Price
shipping-fee Shipping fee the user is paid
quantity-purchased The qty of item purchased
total-price The total of the line item
purchase-date The purchase date formatted as YYYY-MM-DD
batch-id Unused
buyer-email Email of the buyer
buyer-name Name of the buyer
recipient-name The ship to name
ship-address-1 Shipping address line 1
ship-address-2 Shipping address line 2
ship-city Shipping city
ship-state Shipping state
ship-zip Shipping ZIP
ship-country Shipping Country
special-comments other notes for order
upc UPC of item
ship-method Desired ship method
commission Commission paid

Order Confirmations

  • When you process an order, we will send a confirmation file to your FTP account under a fulfillment directory.
    • The fulfillment filename will be <username>_confirm_<order_id>_<unix timestamp>.txt.
There will be one file per order.
  • This will be a tab-delimited format with the following fields:
status (shipped, cancelled, deferred, or rejected)


What custom venues are other AOB users using?

As stated in the beginning not all venues can work with AOB. Here are a few which users have reported they have successfully set up:

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